ENTROTOPIA is an exhibition exchange project between HTS, Helsinki Artists’ Association (Finland) and Publikum.sk (Slovakia). This website is a OPEN platform for artists, curators and the PUBLIC to discuss and share ideas with each others. Project is curated by Ville Laaksonen and Dominika Chrzanová.

Theme ENTROTOPIA is a multi-national approach to discuss the possibilities of artists UTOPIA as a response to DYSTOPIAn state of world. ENTROPY is a force that seems to divide everything, but can it also be an solution that connects us in a new order?

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VILLE MÄKKIKOSKELA - "everyday life with extra ordinary moments."

Your fine arts studies started in 1995-1999 at BfA, Lahti Polytechnic/ Institute of Fine Arts, Sculpture Department. In 1999-2001 you studied at Lahti Polytechnic/ Institute of Design, Basic Pedagogical studies. And then in 2004-2007 you finished his MA at University of Art and Design in Helsinki, 0Pallas- Fine Arts. How do you remember your studies? And did you ever have some students who you teached? My time studying in Lahti was really fascinated and eventful. I remember, I learn something new about art, life and myself almost every day from my teachers and co-students. In Lahti I did a lot of art pieces and then in my MA studies in Helsinki I concentrated more about theoretical background behind my way of working. I have thought children, young people and adults since 2000, mostly in general education level but also some courses in university level. You are a sculptor who use traditional materials / medias but your works are “less traditional statues”. What are you inspired by? I am a sculptor who is interested in everyday life with extra ordinary moments and stories from streets and neighborhoods. Topics of my interest are our physical presence, common objects and phenomena which surround us. I work with my materials intending to capture the moment. Is there some great artist in art history who influenced / impact you strongly? There is lots of great artists in art history, sometimes some are really important for me personally and sometimes some other great artists. But I could mention three my all time favourites: Alberto Giacometti, Dennis Oppenheim, Tony Cragg. What are you trying to share with this world. What is the message of your work? My message is that life is an opportunity and every little moment of everyday life could be significant. Could you describe your working process ? Thinking- drawing- writing- modelling- building- sculpting and same again. And also some photographing in between. Exhibition Entrotopia 2.0 in Synagogue present two sculptors (You and Pia) with different manner of working an different topics. Pia, who also studied sculpture use light “non-sculptural” materials, but your work is made from heavy iron. Can you see connections between your and her works / thinking?
I think we share same interest in space, material, time and motion. What does Entrotopia and participation on this project means to you? Great to be with in great project with great people. Is there some urgent voice inside of you, what is screaming out loud trying to say something to world of nowadays? About present global situation, social events etc. ? Let's try to not ruin everything. What do you like about group exhibition like Entrotopia? Did you know other members of HTS before exhibition? Group exhibitions like this are important for me as an artist, great to see, show and share. I know many other members of HTS, now a few magnificent more, thanks to that exhibition project. Where do you think is your work heading? What are your future goals in field of art? I try to make one good piece of art.

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