ENTROTOPIA is an exhibition exchange project between HTS, Helsinki Artists’ Association (Finland) and Publikum.sk (Slovakia). This website is a OPEN platform for artists, curators and the PUBLIC to discuss and share ideas with each others. Project is curated by Ville Laaksonen and Dominika Chrzanová.

Theme ENTROTOPIA is a multi-national approach to discuss the possibilities of artists UTOPIA as a response to DYSTOPIAn state of world. ENTROPY is a force that seems to divide everything, but can it also be an solution that connects us in a new order?

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Open for public.

The blog on this website is OPEN for everybody to join in and to share ideas. Please notice you can comment also ANONYMOUSLY or through a PSEUDONYM, if you wish participate to the project without your personal information.


We hope you DONT EXPLOIT this change to remain anonymous by posting anything ILLEGAL or potentially HARMFULL to other persons. All texts will be moderated by the curators, who keep the right to remove any appropriate comments from the blog. All forms of illegal commenting will be reported to the authorities.

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