ENTROTOPIA is an exhibition exchange project between HTS, Helsinki Artists’ Association (Finland) and Publikum.sk (Slovakia). This website is a OPEN platform for artists, curators and the PUBLIC to discuss and share ideas with each others. Project is curated by Ville Laaksonen and Dominika Chrzanová.

Theme ENTROTOPIA is a multi-national approach to discuss the possibilities of artists UTOPIA as a response to DYSTOPIAn state of world. ENTROPY is a force that seems to divide everything, but can it also be an solution that connects us in a new order?

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Utopia. Is it more than a dream?

Art enters the world through a void, starting to fill this vacuum with entropy. It's like in science if something is made in a vacuum: anything outside the experiment should not be affecting it at the moment of its origin the make it absolute. To conserve the results we would have to sustain the outcome in absolute zero and in a non-gravity state to avoid any effects to the work. No sunlight or any other energy for that matter should hit that point. It's like trying to stop the world moving round the work it self. Is artists work just utopia? Can it fill the entropia and become real: create ENTROTOPIA?


  1. Is world a vacuum? If so, how can a vacuum be filled with entropy(order and disorder)?

    Artists work Is an utopia. As real As any other Dreams. Some Dreams have tremendous power

    1. World is not a vacuum and this is not something that has been said anyway "Art enters the world through a void." So I am talking more about art, which is most of the times about starting with nothing and creating something - taking tools to make a canvas and then starting to fill this empty canvas with material and thoughts, visions etc.

      Creating art is a battle between order and disorder that can not be avoided, even if ou are trying to create chaos, there is a form that fights back and same goes for trying to make something in perfect order. Taking this idea to further away from the process it self, art is also in similar relation to the world in more general manner.

      Art is on one side also an idealistic statement - that can be seen as something "pure" and absolute to someone. This is strong and it can be also absolute. At the same time art is hard to share - like dreams. It is something that has a strong individual side to it. Maybe the Entrotopia, that I would like to experience is something that we could share: like a utopia that we can equally share and also isolate from the surrounding world and art?


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